There’s Nothing Wrong with ‘Booing’ Ivanka Trump

There’s Nothing Wrong with ‘Booing’ Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump attended a women’s concert in Germany. She was booed by people in the audience. The crowd was not happy when Ivanka stated that her dad was for women and families. The crowd only had two choices. They could have stayed quiet and pretend that what they just heard was not a lie, or they could have responded. They decided to respond.

Many people stated that the crowd should not have booed Ivanka because she is a child. They also stated president’s children should be off-limits. However, Shaun King, who is a civil rights activist and author, disagrees. He stated that Ivanka Trump is not a child. She is a grown woman who is not exempt from criticism.

Many people believe that Donald Trump is a horrible individual. They also stated that Ivanka judges her father by the way that he treats her. Ivanka does not judge her father by the way that he treats other women. Donald has admitted to cheating on one of his previous wives.

He has also admitted to sleeping with married women. Ivanka will defend her father no matter what he does just like many other children. Many people believe that he does not respect families and children.

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