Their Marriage Was Perfect… Then He Admits THIS About His Wife’s Identity:

Bob and Gloria Farley had the kind of love that most people wish they could have, the kind that make most people wistful or believe only happens in movies. They met just as Bob was going off to serve in the Vietnam War. They got to know each other through letters that they sent during his time away.

Bob endearingly signed all of his letters to Gloria, “P.L.M.F.” which stood for Please Love Me Forever, and Gloria has done just that. After Bob returned from Vietnam, they were married. They settled into their lives with two children; Gloria working as a nurse and Bob becoming a training officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. Things were moving along in their lives until tragedy struck.

Bob was involved in a horrific car accident which left his body broken and his mind in shambles. He had no idea where he was, even worse, he had no idea who Gloria or his daughters were. When Gloria first came to see him, he mistook her for a nurse that he was fond of.

Instead of giving up like many would, Gloria remembered her promise to Bob to P.L.M.F. and stood by his side. For eight years she worked with Bob and the doctors to restore who Bob was. Slowly Bob’s memories began to come back and his love for his bride was restored with those memories.

Bob began romancing Gloria again and the couple are celebrating 42-years together. The two are as devoted to each other as ever, “for better or for worse”.

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