The View Hosts Was Questioned About Her Faith After A School Shooting. Her Response? Perfect

The View Hosts Was Questioned About Her Faith After A School Shooting. Her Response? Perfect

The October 1 shooting at Umpqua Community College that saw 10 individuals killed by a gunman who later committed suicide was the source of a brief religious debate on the following day’s episode of the ABC daytime talk show, The View.

The five co-hosts spent time discussing the tragedy with one of them, Candice Cameron Bure, becoming emotional about the people who were killed in the mass shooting. She mentioned how it was difficult to speak about, but that she thought of how such an event impacts her own children.

Cameron Bure prefaced the remarks by saying that she realized the need for greater attention to mental health and acknowledged her own opinions about gun before then noting how her children have asked her after previous school shootings. Their concern stemmed from fears about how something similar could happen to them, which resulted in them asking about simply feeling safe in going to school.

The response by Cameron Bure to the children was ultimately connected to her religious faith. That allows her to make sure that they were aware of her love for them, as well as the love they received from Jesus Christ. In that latter case, that allowed them to have faith in Christ.

Co-host Joy Behar then expressed confusion about Cameron Bure’s mention of her faith and how that connects to the issue of guns. Another co-host, Sherri Shepherd, indicated that the faith was what allowed Cameron Bure to avoid becoming paralyzed from fear about something similar happening to her children or someone she knows.

Cameron Bure then explained the reasoning behind invoking faith, saying that the peace that she has and what she’s attempted to pass on to her children stems from being confident of where she is headed when she dies.

Co-host Raven-Symone then discussed the mental health aspects related to the shooter, saying that he was disaffected and that no one took the time to address his issues because he was considered “weird.”

Behar then countered by saying that simply being considered “weird” wasn’t a justifiable reason for addressing someone’s state of mental health. Raven-Symone clarified her statement by saying that someone who exhibits such tendencies on a regular basis should be watched much more closely.

Co-host Michelle Collins interjected by saying that if the shooter did not have a gun, the entire tragedy would have been avoided. That caused Raven-Symone to say that the shooter could have instead built a bomb and set it off.

Shepherd then closed out the two-minute segment by agreeing with Raven-Symone that people had to become more aware of other people’s problems and exhibit more signs of love. Many of those who have gone on to cause such tragedies in the past have been subject to ridicule or bullying, causing them to react in such a dramatic way.

The shooting took place over a 10-minute span at the school that is located in Roseburg, Oregon. Nine other people were shot and wounded by the gunman, with some saying that the shooter had specifically shot those who stated that they were Christians.

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