The Supreme Court Just Did Something That’s Going To Ruin The GOPs Day

The Supreme Court Just  Did Something That’s Going To Ruin The GOPs Day

The American people have gained ground in their fight for equality concerning the rights of gays to show their commitment to each other through marriage. The Supreme Court has made the decision not hear the pending cases for the legality and equality of gay marriages. They simply lumped these unheard concerns on a list with other cases that they will not review.

Although it seems as if this would not be good news for the gay community, it in fact is good news for their effort. With this decision to not hear the cases, the Supreme Court leaves the door open for each state to allow same-sex marriages. The cases from Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Maryland will be legally able to allow these marriages because the court’s stay will be void. It will still be a slow process because of delays in the judiciary process.

The court has also denied the reviews for Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Oklahoma. These states will be able to legally wed same-sex partners in marriage. Although in some of these states it will be necessary to file for an order with the court to force compliance in the states where the laws are against gay marriage.

While there are still cases pending on this issue in the court system, acknowledging the marriages in these states as legal will make it impossible for the court to back out and change its decision to deny the reviews.

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