The Right Wing Media Is Imploding Under the Weight of It’s Own Bullsh*t

Right Wing Media is currently undergoing a tough period. Tomi Lahren and Glenn Beck are currently suing each other. Alex Jones is in the middle of a custody battle that has lead to multiple unflattering stories about him being released. Bill O’Reilly has been accused of multiple claims of sexual harassment, and Fox News is considering firing him. Right Wing talkers are going through a tough period, and many people feel that this could help America in the future.

Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren is suing The Blaze for firing her. Glenn Beck and The Blaze are counter suing Lahren, claiming that her termination had nothing to do with her abortion comments. Beck says that Lahren was terminated by The Blaze because she is simply a bad person. The Blaze also notes that Lahren cost them revenue by turning down different advertisers for her show without a legitimate reason.

Bill O’Reilly

Over the past few days, multiple women have come forward with sexual harassment allegations against Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. Fox News and O’Reilly are currently talking about a mutual parting of ways. One can assume that Fox News is waiting for O’Reilly’s approval on the severance package that he will receive.

Alex Jones

Right Wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is in the middle of a very bitter custody hearing. Jones’ attorney says that he allegations against Jones are incorrect, and just an example of performance art. Jones disagrees with his attorney, and says that his opinions are factual. Recent reports have claimed that Jones took his clothes off during family therapy sessions. Jones also allegedly doesn’t know what grade his children are in, and primarily blames that on a bowl of chili.

All of this leaves conservative media in a tough spot. Many people are happy over this due to their belief that conservative media does not add value to The United States. There is no sympathy for the current situations of Lahren, Jones, and O’Reilly, as there are people who feel that they are getting what they deserve.

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