The Real Way To Remove A Soiled Onesie. Genius.

Most parents put simple shirts and Onesies on their babies because they are more comfortable than outfits with buttons and snaps. One mother found a trick for Onesies that she didn’t know about, even though she has been a mom for more than 10 years. The sleeves of these one-piece shirts have envelopes. There didn’t seem like a use for them until the mom started trying to figure out how they could be used on her baby.

The small pockets can be used to remove the shirt by pulling it down over the legs instead of removing it over the head. Some babies don’t like clothing being put over their head, so this provides an easy way to avoid a fussy baby.

It can also help if there is baby food or other items on the shirt that might make the baby’s face and hair messy. It’s an idea that can work when parents are trying to undress their baby in the morning so that they can put clothes on for the day.

It’s an easy process to do as you simply roll one sleeve down, revealing the arm, then rolling the other sleeve down until the Onesie is off the baby.

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