The Most Creative Christmas Hairstyles of 2016

It won’t be long until Christmas has taken over once again, and in light of the holiday spirit spreading throughout society, people are starting to dress and act in Christmas mode. Sometimes the ugly Christmas sweater isn’t enough to showcase your own holiday cheer, and in those cases a festive hairstyle can easily be the difference between a good holiday outfit and a great one. In order to help you with the task, you’ll find a list of some amazing Christmas-themed hairstyles that will be sure to boost your holiday spirit. There are so many different Christmas themes that can be incorporated into beautiful hairstyles that it can be hard to decide which is the best path to take, but there are no wrong answers.

The first idea is based on creating a Christmas tree braid that fully embodies the beauty and elegance of a natural Christmas tree. To achieve this look, start off by braiding two angled ponytails down the back of the head, and weave a green ribbon between the two braids from the top down. As the green overlaps back and forth and spreads out with the braids, you’ll notice the distinct triangular shape of the classic Christmas tree. Finish it with ornaments or bows to create the look of a decorated tree. There are several ways to achieve the Christmas tree braid look, so be creative!

Next is the wreath-inspired Christmas braid, which works by braiding long hair into a single braid before wrapping it around the crown of the head. Once the basic wreath shape is in place, it can be decorated with any number of ribbons, bows, and other ornaments. Don’t be afraid to get unique with your creation.

Creating a Rudolph bun might be one of the easiest and cutest ways to achieve that classic Christmas look. First, start off by making a standard bun on the back of your head. If you have thinner hair, a base bun might not be a bad idea. Once the bun is in place, you can easily decorate it to look like the most famous reindeer of all. Take a red ball of cotton and attach it to the center of the bun for the nose, then attach small antlers and eyes above the nose. The result is a simple Rudolph bun that will delight anyone who sees it.

The snowflake braid is another good option, although it requires quite a bit more intricate braiding than any of the other designs so far. The goal of the snowflake braid is to create a five-tipped snowflake on the back of the head, and the center of the snowflake holds the rest of the braid. To accomplish this, the hair must be pulled back in a circle from the crown and split into five segments. Each segment will then be split and braided with the segments closest to it from the neighboring main segment. This will create a large weave affect on the back of the head, and those strands can be condensed using white ribbon for the finishing touch. Once all five segments meet in the center of the back of the head, they can be tied together and the hairstyle is complete.

The antler wreath is a unique option for those who want to celebrate the Christmas spirit without losing any individuality. The idea is to take the standard wreath braid and to add small to it. The result appears as if the antlers are natural and the wreath is more like a crown. These wreath braid are also often made with more natural materials to give it a less artificial feeling.

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