The Moment This Little Girl With Down Syndrome Opens Her Mouth To Sing, You’ll Be FLOORED!

Madison Tevlin is 12-years-old and was born with Down syndrome. Down syndrome results from a chromosomal abnormality during conception. This leads to physical and mental delays which can be moderate to severe. However, like Madison many people with DS work incredibly hard to overcome their obstacles and learn to live rewarding and productive lives.

Madison had been drawn to singing from an early age. Many people with Down syndrome, including Madison, have a difficult time singing due to their voices being at a lower pitch. Just learning to talk and produce sounds requires extra work. Madison was not going to let her disability stop her from doing the one thing she loved.

To become proficient in the differing pitches, Madison has her own vocal coach. She has spent countless hours mastering the vocals to cover John Legend’s “All of Me.” Anyone who has heard this song understands this is no easy task with several vocal ranges coming into play.

Madison brings this moving song to a whole new level. Sitting confidently on a stool, dressed in a beautiful corral top, black leggings and sneakers Madison meticulously belts out the lyrics. She pauses in all of the right places listening to the music and waiting for her next cue to sing again.

The grace and determination she shows while singing, even while on this day battling a sinus infection, is truly inspirational. For someone as young as Madison to have “the show must go on” mentality is not only impressive but proves what a true performer looks like. Here is a young girl battling her own barriers who just “want[s] to inspire” those around her.

Doctors have been telling Madison her whole life that there will be certain things she will not be able to do or that will be very challenging for her to accomplish. Had Madison and her family taken their information as fact, she may have limited herself and her dreams.

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