The Last Time They Saw Each Other Was 30 Years Ago. They Had No Idea They Were About To Be Reunited

Two artists met about 30 years ago. They met at the Great Wall of China. When they hugged each other one last time, they didn’t think that they would see each other again. There are some people who don’t get the chance to see or talk to the person they left decades before, but this woman was able to open her eyes and see the man she left.

The woman was sitting at a table, and she closed her eyes for a few moments. When she opens them, the man she hugged all those years before was sitting in front of her across the table.

The woman had decided to share in a moment of silence as part of a retrospective. She shared this moment with each person who sat at her table. She didn’t know that the man would be one of the people there. There were several people in the room, lined against a wall, waiting for those few moments with the artist.

The woman already had her eyes closed, waiting on the next person. The man, Ulay, walked up to the table in a black suit, and sat across from her. She opened her eyes, and both of them smiled.

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