The KKK Attended The Nevada Caucus Just To Support Good ‘Ol Donald Trump

The KKK Attended The Nevada Caucus Just To Support Good ‘Ol Donald Trump

Before the Nevada Caucus, most analysts pegged Donald Trump as the frontrunner. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were fighting for distant second- and third-place finishes. Final results didn’t surprise anyone with Trump, Rubio, and Cruz grabbing the top three spots. Then again, nobody will look back and refer to this caucus as a dull affair. Each candidate lashed out at the others leading up to the caucus, and the accusations flew everywhere.

Perhaps the most surprising development came about during the caucus itself.

Since the current election cycle started, Trump has been associated with the Trump Effect. Analysts mention that the political rulebook is thrown out with this effect. In essence, everyone has tossed the ideals of decency and political correctness. Ruthlessness and blunt delivery now rule the political landscape. It’s hard to argue against the Trump Effect, especially after what happened on Nevada’s caucus day.

Is the Trump Effect bringing out the worst in people?

Las Vegas residents and voters were shocked outside a Las Vegas high school during the caucus. To support Trump, two individuals dressed in full Ku Klux Klan robes and campaigned for the Republican presidential candidate. They held up signs in support of Donald Trump and weren’t shy about their KKK or white supremacist leanings. Most people were shocked to see the pair outside of a high school for obvious reasons. At some point, both individuals left the area, but the impact of seeing two KKK members didn’t fade.

Every American citizen is guaranteed the right to free speech under the First Amendment. Such news doesn’t surprise the average person in this country. However, Americans aren’t accustomed to seeing KKK members campaign for a mainstream candidate for the presidency. Hate groups tend to remain on the fringes during presidential and other elections after all. It’s more than reasonable to express some shock at seeing such a sight. Media outlets have covered the incident with countless news stories by now.

The Trump Effect: Good or Bad?

Political correctness has been the norm for decades now. People don’t expect to hear outrageous or crass remarks too often from the political machine. In fact, they expect to see offensive episodes such as this even less frequently. The Trump Effect, if it exists, comes with a smattering of benefits and disadvantages. Most American citizens would call this KKK incident a negative that they don’t want to see repeated any time soon.

On the other hand, many Americans have grown sick of political correctness. Quite a few voters believe that a focus on correctness hampers the political process. Freedom of speech allows individuals to speak freely, yet that doesn’t always happen. For many voters, the Trump Effect lets them express their true views without a filter. That’s both good and bad for the country, depending upon one’s personal opinions.

More Incidents Like This To Occur?

Either way, the Trump Effect will be in full effect as the election cycle continues. Trump is battling Cruz and Rubio for the Republican nomination for now. Things will only become more nasty if Trump is declared the nominee. Hate groups from both sides of the political spectrum will undoubtedly hop onto the scene after that. Regardless of who faces who for the Oval Office, it’s apparent that a bitter fight is ahead.

Countless factors could explain the Trump Effect, including voter dissatisfaction or outright racism. In the end, this KKK appearance at the Nevada Caucus may become a footnote compared to future incidents during the general election. We’ll find out sooner rather than later as the process continues on, though.

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