The Judges Love Her, But When She Hits The Chorus They Start Freaking Out!

The Voice Kids premiered in Australia in 2014. There were a lot of amazing kids on that show, but arguably the most talented was Alexa Curtis. She sang Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” and absolutely wowed the judges, particularly when she got to the chorus of the song.

All of the judges loved her and wanted to be her coach, but she ended up choosing Delta Goodrem. This coach seems to be the best fit for her. She did very well during the run of the show and ended up winning the contest. As a result, she has now gotten a contract with Universal Music Australia.

In addition to winning this show, Alexa has taken the stage in other ways as well. She appeared with her brother in a production of Oliver! In addition, she performed two times for the 2014 Schools Spectacular.

Even though Alexa is no longer on the show, it is likely that we have not heard the last of her amazing voice. She is so young, and she is likely to have many amazing years of singing ahead of her that the public will get to enjoy a great deal. Especially now that she has signed on with Universal Music Australia, it would seem that people will be able to relish in her lovely warbling for quite some time to come. We look forward to seeing her develop as a singer and becoming even more skilled and talented than this 10 year old girl is now.

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