The Judges FREAK OUT When She Bends Backwards. But Then Her TWIN Does This? INSANE!

In 2013, Sam and Teagan Rybka, a pair of identical twins from Perth, Australia, first appeared on Australia’s Got Talent in an audition. Their moves absolutely wowed the judges, as well as the audience. The move themselves would have been impressive on their own, but what they were able to do together was absolutely amazing. They were perfectly synchronized in the way they were dancing, and they were basically mirror images of each other throughout their entire routine.

These identical teenage girls are professional contortionists and acrobats. Their moves are unmatched by any other dance partners, because they are able to use one another as springboards as well as perfectly imitate each other’s moves.

Once they appeared on the show, it was obvious that they were going to be stars no matter who the winner of the show ended up being. These girls are able to produce visual effects that no one else can match due to both their identical appearance and the fact that both of them have incredible talent in contortionism and acrobatics. Perhaps the most impressive part of their performance was when one of them bent backwards, and the other one did the same movement, yet upside down, while using her sister as a backboard. The judges could only stare in absolute amazement when they performed this maneuver.

Sam and Teagan Rybka are definitely two talented individuals to watch out for, and anyone who enjoys these performances will likely be seeing them for some time to come.

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