The Judge Is In Disbelief When He Sees Who’s Actually Singing On Stage… Amazing!

Harrison Craig has fought his whole life just hoping to speak normally. The 18-year-old stutters, and despite a lifetime of speech therapy, he is still unable to speak without the pauses, extra consonant sounds and repeated syllables that are common to his affliction. Harrison may not be able to speak as plainly as you and me, but he has an incredible gift. He can sing.

Looking at Craig, you probably would never expect the strength and depth of his voice to erupt from such a package. He has trained his voice since he was very young, singing with boys’ choirs as he grew up. Harrison dreams of being an international singing star and it looks like he’s well on his way.

Harrison Craig recently appeared on Australia’s version of The Voice. His initial performance captivated the show’s coaches and audience. With his family standing by for support, he unleashed a better-than-Broadway quality voice upon the unsuspecting panel of stars who coach the show’s singers through the competition. The first phrase had barely rolled forth before international star Seal was out of his seat about to pounce on his big red button. Craig’s brother was moved to tears, watching his brother reach heights with his voice that left no doubt about the power of the young singer’s pipes.

The assembled coaches had nothing but the highest praise for Harrison’s performance, his stutter was disregarded, a non-issue to the greatness they saw in his future. Perhaps when he is a household name Harrison Craig will inspire young people to continue to pursue their dreams despite whatever others might believe will hold them back.

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