The Entire Crowd Burst Into Applause When He Walked Across The Stage. And The Reason Why? Wow

Chris Norton suffered an injury during a football game, and he was told that he would never walk again. He was also told that his chances of re-gaining mobility below his neck were very small. Chris underwent therapy and was determined to prove the doctors wrong.

Chris was able to walk across the stage at his college graduation. Emily, who is his fiancee, helped him walk across the stage. Chris was only able to take baby steps, but many people were moved to tears when they watched him accomplish what he was told he would never do again. Chris’s mother also cried tears of joy when she saw her son walk across the stage.

Chris was injured at a NCAA event, and a lot of his medical bills were covered under the NCAA’s insurance policy. Without the NCAA’s insurance policy, Chris would have not been able to afford the physical therapy that he needed. That is why he decided to start the Spinal Cord Injury project. This is an organization that will raise money for people with neuromuscular injuries.

The video of Chris taking steps across the stage has gone viral. Many people are inspired by Chris’s determination to do what he was told would be impossible.

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