The Crowd Freaks Out When Dad Does At The Game

Is there anything better than a dedicated fan showing team support in a funny way? Well, one Minnesota Timberwolves fan supported his favorite player in a hilarious act never seen before. With the nickname “Jiggly Boy”, John Sweeney is well known in the crowds of the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball games.

Sweeney’s first appearance happened during a 2003 game when the dance-cam spotted him during a break. Sweeney removed his shirt, revealing “Wolves” written across his chest and sporting Kevin Garrett’s initials on his arm. Sweeney shook it for the camera, supporting his favorite player and making the crowd cheer and laugh.

This year, for Garrett’s comeback, Sweeney returned to support his favorite player. During the break, the dance-cam spotted him with a few kids. They urged him to dance for the camera, but he laughed and shook his head no. The camera guy went ahead to other fans, but came around again, and still, Sweeney would not take the bait.

After a third attempt by the dance-cam, Sweeney stood up with the young boys, and he showed his moves (along with his bare body) to the fans and his favorite player Kevin Garrett. Garrett was shown on the camera laughing and loving the support!

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