The Baby Poops Himself And The Dog’s Reaction Left Me Dying! LOL

Everyone has heard the phrase, “a dog is a man’s best friend,” and very few people question it. This video may leave you feeling a bit skeptical of the phrase. With that being said, we are talking about a baby, not a full grown man, so maybe it doesn’t quite count. That will be there for you to decide.

You’d think that little babies and smaller dogs would have quite a bit in common, which is what is shown early on in the video. Two little bundles of cuteness snuggled up with one another. There is a problem, though, as the baby seems to be a bit flustered about something. The baby needs to poop. Luckily, he has a diaper on to protect the couch from any accidental spills. It’s also there to protect the dog, who he is lying against.

The mom in the video knows all too well this infant’s look and recognizes instantly that her little trooper needs to go number 2. She offers some words of encouragement as the baby looks like he’s having a tough time doing his business. After some careful urging and cheerleading, the baby is successful, but what happens immediately afterwards will have you rolling on the floor laughing your socks off.

Now, if anyone has ever owned a dog, they know just how much they can be little stinkers. They often have to do their ‘business’ multiple times a day. Without a doubt, dogs should be more than comfortable with the idea of a baby needing to use their diaper. Although, the fact that the dog is fast asleep does offer viewers a little bit of understanding, but the actual reaction it has to the baby may seem a bit overboard.

The baby accomplishes his business with the help of his cheerleading mother with a loud and thunderous poot. The dog wakes up instantly to investigate what’s going on, and upon seeing what’s happening, quickly gets out of dodge. The dog is gone before the mother has any time to react. Unfortunately, the baby was using the dog for support while sitting up and falls on his side. Luckily, he’s safe on a very comfortable leather rocking chair and looks more confused than hurt. The mother can’t help but laugh at the situation, which is what you’ll be doing as well after looking at this video.

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