The Anne Frank Center Responds To Trump’s Immigration Order

The Anne Frank Center Responds To Trump’s Immigration Order

President Donald Trump promised that when he got into office, he would immediately begin working on all the key issues that were part of his campaign. Much to the surprise of the people, he began working before he even took office. He has recently released a great deal of discriminatory and unconstitutional orders. Some of these orders include items like keeping a registry on any Muslim visitors that come into the United States, placing a freeze on visas for eight Muslim nations from entering the country, and making a weekly list of “removable aliens” that have committed crimes. Though he has many supporters throughout the land, he did not find support from Steven Goldstein. Goldstein is the Executive Director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect.

Anne Frank was a famous Jewish girl that stayed hidden from the Nazis with her family. She kept a diary of her horrific journey before she was captured. It is speculated that she died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Goldstein feels that the things that Donald Trump is doing are discriminatory, and he feels they are dehumanizing to both Muslims and illegal immigrants. He feels that these actions are no different than what Frank experienced from the Nazi Party. They focused their attention on isolating and dehumanizing the European Jewish community. Under the direction of Adolf Hitler, there were more than six million people violently murdered for simply being part of a specific religious sector.

In an official statement, Goldstein wrote that the Statue of Liberty weeps because President Trump is targeting both the Mexicans and Muslims. Goldstein has earned respect for being a U.S. civil and human rights organization leader worldwide. His announcement also comes days after the President orders the construction of a wall on the border of the country’s southern half.

His goal is to “wall out” Mexicans to ensure refugees don’t bring drugs into this country. Goldstein stated that it was one of the most hateful days in this nation’s history. He correlated Trump’s actions to that of Franklin Roosevelt. He believes that he is retracting the premise that Americans have for freedom. It reminded him of when President Roosevelt forced the Japanese Americans to go into internment camps during the duration of World War II. Does the Trumps action violate the very symbol of freedom in this land? Goldstein believes the Statue of Liberty is weeping for the discriminatory actions of our current President.

Goldstein further elaborated that he felt Trump is driving the nation right off of a moral cliff. He is using national security as a tool to foster in racism. It really doesn’t strengthen the security of this country, rather, it compromises it by fostering disrespect for groups of people around the world. Suspending the visas for individuals of both the Middle Eastern area and African countries is not in the interest of national security, he believes it is nothing more than prejudice.

This could be the largest global refugee crisis in history. Slamming the door on America’s starving, hurt, and abused people is merely grotesque. Goldstein stated that Trump’s actions are an embarrassment to the vision of the American dream. What about Emma Lazarus’s inscription that stated to give us the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses who longed to be free?

The act of demonizing refugees and immigrants and using the citizen’s money will go down in history as monumental. It is one of the most tragic unorthodoxies of the national integrity of this land. What would this country’s Founding Fathers say if they could see the shameless actions and the darkest demons being unleashed on this country?

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