Texas Officers in Hot Water After Posing With ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats

Texas Officers in Hot Water After Posing With ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats

A video published on Donald Trump’s campaign website is getting some San Antonio cops in a heap of trouble.

Trump released this 25-second video clip on his campaign website just a few days ago. This viral video shows a bunch of San Antonio police officers donning bright red “Make America Great Again” hats and cheering Trump on as he gets on his plane. Trump can be heard in this video telling the cops, “thank you, fellas.”

These cops were tasked with escorting Trump to his plane at San Antonio International Airport. Once they arrived at the airport, however, these cops got swept away in the heat of the moment as they put on campaign hats, posed for photos, and shot a video.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus openly criticized the cops in that video for their conduct. McManus told reporters that the officers actually broke a law in the SAPD policy handbook. In a Twitter post, McManus explained that San Antonio police officers were strictly forbidden from getting publicaly involved in politics.

McManus assured the public that these officers will be disciplined for their actions. He hopes that after disciplinary action the officers will always remember to keep their politics private, no matter what candidate they support.

San Antonio’s Mayor Ivy Taylor also released a public statement about this video. Taylor said that he was saddened by the cops’ “lack of judgment.” He hopes that officers will put their political preferences to the side whenever they are on duty. Taylor reminded the SAPD that their first duty is to protect the citizens of San Antonio, regardless which candidate they support for the presidency.

Taking a look at the most recent polls in Texas, the SAPD should be aware that the race between Clinton and Trump is very close. While most polls show that Trump is the favorite to win Texas right now, it is not by a wide margin. Trump is just over 40 percent, and Clinton is just below 40 percent in RealClearPolitics’ October 4th survey of registered Texas voters.

Of course, tensions have been very high in Texas since the shooting of Dallas police officers in Dallas by a Black Lives Matter protester two months ago. Police officials across Texas hope that law enforcement will work to promote law and order rather than intensifying the tensions between people of different races or political persuasions in the future.

Most people believe the officers who were involved in this video will be given either written reprimands or counseling sessions. The Police Chief believes these measures will ensure the SAPD acts with grace and tact the next time they have to protect a high profile political figure.

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