Teenage Girl Shamed For ‘Distracting’ Outfit – Fights Back In EXTREMELY Funny Way

A student in Lawton, Oklahoma has made headlines after a comical retaliation against her school for sending her home due to what officials deemed as “distracting”. Going by the Facebook user name of Rose Lynn, she reported that directly before she was due to take an algebra exam, she was called down to the office and banished from school because of her attire.

The outfit consisted of black leggings, a t-shirt, a long cardigan, and boots, which would be seen as modest by most. She requested to take the test before being sent home, but this was quickly denied. Rose proved how absurd the claims were by posting a photo on Facebook of the outfit that caught the attention of school officials. She captioned the post by stating:

“So today I was sent home from class, after being in school for two hours, for my outfit. Because I’m developed farther than the average girl my age, I am required to go home and change… Because I look like a CURVY woman and may distract young boys, I have to miss class and change my outfit. So once again, society has failed to advocate young ladies, by confining them in a box, where they are stripped from their sense of self respect and self expression, rather than teaching young men to respect the boundaries of young ladies. My response: #Feminism #YoullDistractTheBoys #SocietyIsFailing”

Teenage Girl Shamed For ‘Distracting’ Outfit – Fights Back In EXTREMELY Funny Way

Rose’s father backed her up and placed blame on Lawton Public Schools for their policy being open for interpretation by school staff members. Furthermore, he stated

“If she was built like a board or as round as a ball, she wouldn’t have been sent home, but since she has a figure, she was told she had to change.”

Subsequently, Rose had her father’s full support when she showed up to school the next day wearing an oversized t-shirt with a quote from school officials written on it in black sharpie marker. The front of the shirt had “If it doesn’t cover your crotch” written on it, while the back stated “You’ll distract the boys.”

Teenage Girl Shamed For ‘Distracting’ Outfit – Fights Back In EXTREMELY Funny Way

It came as no surprise that Rose was called down to the office yet again and asked to go home. Supposedly officials reported that it was not for her outfit, but rather for not wearing her student identification card which was located in the classroom that she had class in before being called down. Rose’s father responded by saying

“She has been taught that if you believe in something, do what you must and be prepared for the consequences. She has done that.”

The school district has yet to provide a response or justification for their actions. Way to go Rose!

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