Teen Sings ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ And The Judges Lose Their Minds!

There are many classic songs that arouse emotions in people who grew up listening to them. As such, it is an interesting marriage of past, present, and future when young children sing these songs and put their own spins on them.

On Germany’s “The Voice: Kids,” a 14 year old boy whose name is Tilman wowed the judges by giving a fiery and passionate performance of “Great Balls of Fire.” The emotion and passion that was put into the song caught the attention of both the judges and the audience from the very first note.

All three of the judges pressed their buzzers in approval for this boy, and they even went so far as to start dancing on stage while he was giving his performance.

Tilman saw how much fun everyone else was having while listening to him and was not content to let them have all the fun, so he played a note with his shoe to have some fun himself. He really seemed to be channeling his inner Jerry Lee Lewis throughout the entire amazing performance.

“Great Balls of Fire” was released almost six decades ago, in the year 1957. This is one of the songs that marks the beginning of rock and roll, so it is interesting to hear such a young boy create his own rendition of the classic piece of music. It is impressive that at such a young age, he was able to really do this song justice and please the entire crowd.

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