Teen Couple Gets Pregnant… When The Baby Arrives, Teachers Make A STUNNING Decision.

Very few people ever expect to become parents when they are in their teens, but when things happen, it’s important for both the mother and the father to continue their high school education. Located in Boise, Idaho, the Marian Pritchard School has been providing high school educations for pregnant girls or young mothers, giving them the opportunity to continue their education even after having a baby.

When Anna became pregnant in her teens, she was determined to be a mother, but also continue being a parent. This lead her to enroll in the Marian Pritchard School. It seemed like the obvious choice. But, the father of her baby, Jonathan, didn’t have such a clear cut option.

He, too, wanted to continue receiving a high school education while being a father. Looking to gain the education and experience the Marian Pritchard School provides to its mothers and mothers-to-be, Jonathan requested acceptance. For the first time in five decades, the Marian Pritchard School enrolled a male student.

In addition to the typical high school education you would receive at a standard school, the Marian Pritchard School provides students with parenting classes. These classes teach parents important skills, like feeding and how to change a diaper. The school teaches students how to achieve success, both in academics but also as a young parent.

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