Teacher Retires After 41 Years. She Got A Surprise On Her Last Day That WILL Make You Cry

Ms. Flexer worked in her chosen profession as a school teacher for a total of 41 years until she reached the age of retirement. When her last day of work arrived, she was treated to a very special surprise which consisted of present and former students sharing their mutual love and admiration for her. Watch the poignant event and be prepared to be touched.

In the video, a fellow teacher plans a special retirement party with the help of students at Cole Elementary School. Some teens were gathered together in the school hallway fielding questions about what they thought of her. They concurred that she was the teacher everyone hoped to get because she was a good instructor, but also genuinely cared about the welfare of every student outside of the classroom. As Ms. Flexer enters her First Grade classroom, she is greeted by all of the loving attendees. The surprise literally had her chin drop.

One man in attendance was a student of hers from the first year she taught school at Coles Elementary. One by one, she meets former students that she may have not seen for many years, but one thing was consistent with her response: she recognized them all. A beautiful young adult woman named Aubrey shared how on one occasion, Ms. Flexer had her sing a song before the class.

Ms. Flexer enjoyed it so much so had the little girl sing the song before two or three other classrooms. Aubrey explained how the experience marked the first time in her life she did not feel awkward in front of people. Would that all teachers were like Ms. Flexer.

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