Teacher Blamed for Snatching Mic From Autistic Kid – But the Program Tells a Different Story

Mrs. Riley, who is a teacher in West Virgina, was harshly criticized after a video went viral of her snatching a microphone from a kid who had autism. The boy, whose name is Caleb, was performing a song with his classmates.

In the video, you can see the teacher taking the microphone away from Caleb. Amanda Riddle is the boy’s mother. She was the one who recorded the video and put it on the Internet.

Many people are disgusted by the teacher’s actions and have stated that she should lose her job. However, Mrs. Riley is trying to redeem herself by telling her side of the story. She stated that the reason she took the microphone away because the program had ended.

Dr. Mark Munchin, who is the school’s superintendent, has stated that he agrees with what the teacher was saying. He stated that the fact Mrs. Lindsey was harshly criticized is just an example of how everything that people do is scrutinized nowadays.

A petition has been started for Mrs. Lindsey. They stated that Mrs. Lindsey is a good teacher who has been a victim of misrepresentation, defamation of character and bullying. The petition has already received over 12,000 signatures. People were too quick to judge the teacher’s actions without getting the entire story.

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