Tattoo Artist Loses His Arm Gets World’s First Tattoo Machine Prosthesis!

Being a tattoo artist means that you need to have an arm in order to do the designs. One artist lost his arm, but he received something that is a first in the world. JC Sheitan Tenet has a prosthetic hand that allows him to continue to do the work that he enjoys. He was born in France and has been without his arm for about 22 years.

JL Gonzal, a French artist, came up with the design for the arm. He used an existing arm and modified it so that it was able to hold the tattoo gun. It appears as though the arm should be on a robot, but when you look at the arm, you can see that it has been formatted so that all of the tattoo equipment is in one place.

He still has the muscle from his shoulder that is used to control the movements of the tattoo gun, making it a little easier to create designs.

JC can remove the tattoo portion of the prosthetic arm when he wants as it can be a heavy piece of equipment at times. Even though the arm might get in the way, it allows JC to do something he is passionate about on a daily basis.

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