Swimming Team Stands In A Line. Now Keep Your Eye On The One In The Front When The Music Starts

Vast nation Russia truly stunned the world at the Olympic Games all the way back in 2004. The country’s talented athletes earned an impressive 92 medals in Athens, Greece, after all. Although Russian participants undoubtedly won many medals, they actually were slightly behind the United States athletes. American athletes in the Olympic Games that year were awarded with an amazing 103 medals.

Russia’s wins were significant because 38 of them were gold medals, the very best possible. No other country beat Russia as far as gold medal wins went. Russia racked up a gold medal in the synchronized swimming category, for one example. Russia’s group of 8 female synchronized swimmers gave their best and as a result left all of the judges with great impressions of their skills and abilities.

Their synchronized swimming display lasted about five minutes and gave people invaluable insight regarding the sheer ambition and dedication necessary to excel at the high level of the Olympics. The world, as a result, was in no way surprised or shocked when these skilled gals earned the coveted gold medal.

It’s inspiring stories like these that show why people all over the world are always so interested in Russian athletic achievements. Before the girls’ performance started, they stood out of the water in a perfectly straight line. They then got into the water and began their wondrous aquatic acrobatic extravaganza.

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