Sweet-Natured Grandmas Try College Budget Liquor for First Time – Their Reactions are HILARIOUS!

When we picture the stereotypical grandma we think of pearls, old lace doilies, and floral dresses with high buttoned collars, all things calm and proper. This isn’t exactly the crowd that Fireball Whiskey is marketed for. But grannies are people too! Even though their bodies are no longer young, it doesn’t mean they aren’t young at heart. Just because grandma isn’t a spring chicken anymore it doesn’t mean she doesn’t still have fire in her soul and nerve enough to let the cinnamon heat of Fireball warm her belly.

Thanks to the folks at Obsev, we get a peek at what Grannie was like when she was young, and what she might be like later tonight after the family’s gone home. These fine, upstanding Grandmas remind us that life isn’t all knitting needles and rocking chairs. “I will admit, I probably have something to drink every day, cause I like a glass of wine,” one spunky granny admits. “But harder drinks, its usually in a party mood, going out to dinner, or… Its part of my life for sure.” Grandma in a party mood? We have to wonder what that entails.

The lovely lady in the next chair professes a soft spot for Malbec. She reveals a bit of her spirited past that might make her family blanch. “I love parties, I like parties, been to a lot of exciting parties.” she smiles and begins to recount an event that might make her grandchildren do a double take: “during the Olympics, I had the entire Spanish yachting team to a big party in the backyard. That was very fun. Spaniards, you know, aye yi yi.”

The second pair of Grannies says they don’t really drink…anymore. Of course, their favorites, when they were younger, were scotch and water and vodka martinis. When the bottles arrive our discerning ladies do the mature thing and examine the labels. Some obvious excitement follows as the ladies anticipate their first sips, teasing one another a bit before tasting the cinnamon concoction. While one grandma starts off by saying, “Its too hot for me.” It doesn’t take long, just a few more sips, and she’s joined the others in a positive review.

Across the board, the Grandmas approve. Fireball is something most of they could “get used to.” One tells us the drink has a distinct smell, and in another candid moment that her children might not be amused by, she says, “Maybe it’s the balls.” Goodness. She and her friend also end up lamenting that they haven’t got dates for that night. Grandmas and Fireball, what an interesting combination. You really have to watch and enjoy.

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