STUDY RESULT: Apparently, No One Likes Ted Cruz. I Couldn’t Agree Any More!

STUDY RESULT: Apparently, No One Likes Ted Cruz. I Couldn’t Agree Any More!

The popularity of Texas Senator and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is a question that has been open to debate since his arrival on the national scene. However, according to those on Facebook, Cruz’s popularity has decreased since announcing that he was running for President.

The information was derived from an ABC News study that looked at the comments directed toward Cruz on the social media site since that time. The most prominent examples of that decline was seen in the fact that negative comments have increased by 61 percent since his announcement, while his positives have declined to 34 percent.

Cruz has taken a number of controversial stands since being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012, including the conducting of a 21-hour filibuster against the funding of the Affordable Care Act, which has also been referred to as Obamacare.

However, the Facebook voting is linked to Cruz’s stance on net neutrality, which focuses on whether all internet traffic should be handled the same. Cruz believes that it shouldn’t, which would allow communications companies the opportunity to charge more for accessing the most popular websites-like Facebook.

The belief by those opposing Cruz’s stance is that his opinions are shaped by the fact that Comcast was one of his biggest campaign contributors. Comcast would be one of the main beneficiaries if net neutrality were to be eliminated.

Cruz’s presidential campaign currently is struggling, with polls showing him trailing far behind current frontrunner Donald Trump.

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