Student’s Posts Disgusting School Lunch Picture, Goes Viral – People Stunned To Find Out What It Is

Many students who have to eat lunch at school might agree that the food isn’t all that great. It’s supposed to be nutritious, but there are times when students aren’t sure what they are eating. A picture of a student’s overcooked lunch at a Pennsylvania school is now going viral, and it’s enough to make a few stomachs turn.

The gray and brown hamburger doesn’t even look like a hamburger that you would normally eat. It looks more like an oil slick of some kind or something that you might find laying on the beach as it looks like there are a few shells and other items on the meat that aren’t supposed to be there.

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Some cafeteria workers have questioned whether the meat was safe to eat. Many have commented that the food would have never been served if it came out of the oven like that, going in the trash instead. Some also believe that it’s proof that school cafeterias need to rethink their menus and start introducing actual food instead of processed items.

The food service director in the state was contacted and has since made it clear that this behavior is not acceptable. When the hamburgers are cooked to a temperature higher than the recommended levels, some of the internal ingredients can rise to the surface, which is what happened in this situation.