Student In Gorilla Mask Hands Out Bananas At A BlackLivesMatter Protest

Students who were peacefully protesting at East Tennessee State University were interrupted when a racist person showed up in a gorilla mask. He also handed out bananas. The person was trying to incite a riot among the students. Additionally, he had a confederate flag with a marijuana leaf on it. The student has been identified as Tristan Retke.

Trevor King was one of the people who was at the rally peacefully protesting. He stated that he has never come across a person who was so disrespectful. Trevor stated that it was hard for him and everyone else at the rally to keep their calm. The students decided that they were not going to get into a confrontation with the protesters. They just called the police.

Trevor stated that Tristan’s goal was to incite a riot in order to try to prove that Black Lives Matter supporters were ignorant and violent. No one knows how the police decided to deal with Tristan. However, he has clearly broken the law.

Tristan admitted that he was trying to incite a riot. He was also intimidating the protesters, which is against the law. Tristan could be charged with both a misdemeanor and a felony.

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