Student Finds She’s Been Erased From The Yearbook Because Of THIS Stupid Reason

A Stockton, California teen was recently completely erased from her high school yearbook when she wore a tuxedo for her senior yearbook pictures.

The student, Crystal Cumplido, wore a sleek black tux with a red bow tie and slicked back hair for her yearbook picture, but when yearbooks were released, not only was her picture not included, there was no mention of her at all in the book. In an interview with her local Fox News station, she remarked that “it’s like, I didn’t even exist at Lincoln (high school).”

The Lincoln High School assistant principal had told Crystal Cumplido that it was against school policy for her to wear the tuxedo, stating that girls must wear a black shirt for their yearbook photos. District superintendent Tom Uslan, however, disputes this. He believes Crystal had been wronged, and has stated that her exclusion was “an inexcusable error, that is inconsistent with our school district polices.” To remedy the situation, the superintendent has ordered that every single yearbook be reprinted to include references to Crystal, including her senior picture.

When asked why Crystal wanted to wear the tuxedo, a traditionally masculine style, her reply was short, simple, and to the point: “Because that’s what I’m comfortable with.”

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