Stuck In The Hospital With Cancer, She Offers Her Baby THIS Incredible Prayer. So Heart Breaking…

When a woman is trapped in a hospital, she says a beautiful prayer for her baby.

Joey and Rory are a couple who sing country music. They are married, and they had their first child in 2014. Soon after Joey had the baby, doctors discovered that the baby had Down Syndrome. They also found out that Joey had cervical cancer. The cancer was in the advanced stages.

Fortunately, Joey was able to overcome the cancer. However, it did return in the summer of 2015. Her future is not known as there aren’t very many treatments open to her since it is in the advanced stages. She is a woman who continues to sing. Her husband, Rory, has told fans and others who have heard them sing and know of their story that she is a fighter.

One of her latest songs is a prayer for her baby girl. You can hear the love and emotion that Joey has for her baby in the song. She has put a well-known hymn to a bluegrass sound. There are clips of Joey playing with her daughter in the video as well as other scenes of the couple and the baby.

Other clips in the video are of Joey in the hospital receiving treatments. Joey’s future is not known at this time, but she has made sure that her daughter is loved.

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