Stuck Eagle Hanging From A Tree – Watch Army Veteran Rescue It Like A True American

A small Minnesota community noticed it had a bald eagle caught in a tree. The bird was tangled in rope and was nearly 70 feet from the ground, making it impossible for anyone to climb up to rescue it.

Neither the local fire department nor the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) would help. The eagle remained trapped for two days until an Army veteran, Jason Galvin, decided to take action.

Galvin was a sharp shooter who served two tours in the Middle East, and his wife insisted he could save the eagle by taking shots at the rope. Since the bird faced a certain death if it was not rescued, Galvin thought it was worth taking a chance. He requested permission from the DNR and loaded his .22 rifle to start shooting at the rope. He had to take very careful aim in order to not hit the eagle.

After 90 minutes and 150 shots, Galvin managed to shoot the tree branch in the right place and the eagle came tumbling down. A conservationist was waiting with a cage, and took the bird away to receive medical attention. Named “Freedom” by the town, the eagle is expected to make a full recovery and will be returned to the wild.

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