Street Musician Was About To Quit – Then These Kittens Showed Up

Street musicians are known to exist in many, major cities across the globe. There is one such musician who works the streets of Pangkor in Malaysia who is noted for being particularly passionate about what he does for a living. He has a rather remarkable story that has become viral across the globe, and this story teaches people that they should never give up hope.

This particular musician in Pangkor, Malaysia was having a rather difficult day. He simply did not have the feeling that people were willing to stop and listen. Musicians who struggle with this concern become rather upset when the gift they are trying to share to the world goes unnoticed by others. This musician was upset enough to almost call it quits for the day because of the frustration that no one would listen to him. Then, he noticed there were six, small eyes focused on him.

The musician was well on his way to deciding that he would quit for the day. He even considered quitting for good at one point, that is until he saw six, small eyes staring up at him. Three kittens sat at his feet, looking up to him and waiting to hear more of his music. Several people who beheld the event noted that these little kittens were bobbing their tiny heads along to the beat of the song. They must not have been more than a few months old, and they were showing great support for the musician.

Even though these kittens are very young, they showed a great deal of emotion to the musician. Their encouragement to play on by intently listening and bobbing along to the songs he played was innocent and filled with wonder. Humans might not have been listening closely, but it did draw a crowd and invite them to listen to the music just as hard as the kittens were. These little creatures gave the man the inspiration to keep playing. Throughout the rest of his session, he would look down and smile widely at his little companions. They gave him the self-belief that he could keep going on.

As more people noticed the way the kittens were reacting, people started to take video footage of the event. This footage went viral. One video account of the touching moment includes audio of more people in the background joining in with the musician’s song. As his spirits began to lift, so did the same for the accumulating audience.

These three kittens showed a great deal of kindness to one person. They took a moment to step back from life and enjoy someone else’s creation for the beauty that it is. When they decided to listen to this man’s music, they did not just inspire him to keep playing. They also offer a lasting impact in the form of a power message. Human beings really need to learn how to pay closer attention to one another and take the time to listen to others. Many people have great talents and stories to tell, and all it takes to make someone’s day better is to simply give them the time to lean on a shoulder. This task can easily be done so long as people learn to lend an ear more often. These kittens proved that one, small act of kindness like this moment can end up changing someone’s day.

There is a lot to learn from people and the animals around us. The best ending to this story, though, lands in the fact that the musician adopted the three kittens. Now, they are always going to be an inspiration to him, and so should all people be to one another.

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