Stray Pit Bull Can’t Keep Smile From His Face After He Is Rescued From Street

Stray Pit Bull Can’t Keep Smile From His Face After He Is Rescued From Street

Stray Pit Bull Can’t Stop Smiling After He Was Rescued From Street
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Though Pit Bulls sometimes have a negative reputation with some people, an inspiring dog named Brinks has taken the internet by storm to try and prove that Pit Bulls can be loving, content, and even jovial when they are given the attention and affection they need to thrive. You may have heard of a certain famous feline known for his grumpy appearance. Brinks the Pitt Bull, however, is becoming a household name for the opposite reason: he loves to greet the world with a smile!

Brinks’ story wasn’t always such a happy one, however. He was found by his current owner, Jon, as a stray living all alone in Brooklyn, New York. Jon and his dog Demo were immediately drawn to this charming Pit Bull when they crossed his path during a walk around the neighborhood. They decided to welcome him into their hearts and their home on a temporary basis while they searched for his owner. After about a month of diligently searching the missing dog reports and putting up notices throughout their local area, Jon realized that Brinks was going to become a permanent member of the family. That was nearly 12 years ago. Jon found Brinks when he was not quite a year old, and this lovable canine has been a loyal companion for all these years. When Jon decided to share Brinks’ smile with the world via Instagram, he became an overnight sensation. He currently has over 21 thousand Instagram followers!

So what exactly causes Brinks’ face to break out in that infectious smile? According to Jon, this amazing dog smiles in response to just about any situation that fills him with joy. Some examples would be getting treats, when he’s sleeping (possibly dreaming of treats?), or when he is greeted by Jon in the morning. He also grins when relaxing in front of the fire, when sunbathing by the window, or when he takes car rides. Sometimes he breaks out into a grin for no apparent reason at all, but just because he’s generally a content and happy dog. That reality certainly doesn’t fit the stereotype that some people use to paint all Pitt Bulls with a sinister broad brush. That just proves that it’s foolish to judge a book by it’s cover, or a dog by it’s breed! Kudos to Jon for being such a kindhearted and caring individual who was willing to take a chance on providing a loving home for this incredibly sweet stray dog! We’re sure he’s never regretted taking in this faithful furry friend.

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