Stranger Than Fiction: Former President George H.W. Bush Will Be Voting For Hillary Clinton

As the 2016 presidential election winds down to the fateful voting day, there are still many voters who have not made a final decision for whom they will cast their vote. However, that may not be the case for former President George Herbert Walker Bush. The elder Bush president has reportedly told the daughter of former U.S. Attorney General and presidential candidate Robert Kennedy that he will be voting for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming historic election.

The shortage of establishment Republicans who have endorsed Republican nominee Donald Trump is very apparent among conservative and liberal voters alike. But, there are still several prominent Republicans who are supporting the Trump platform, with many of those having already been on the Trump Train for a while. The polls have reported that recently Trump has seen a surge in his number of supporters, reemphasizing the concept that Trump has struck a nerve with American voters that the mainstream GOP professional politicians refuse to recognize on the by and large. After a grueling primary that saw 17 presidential candidates, Washington, D.C. outsider Donald Trump was the last man standing when the voting was done. One of those 17 was the son of former President GHW Bush, and the younger Bush failed to gather much voter traction during the primary.

The 2016 presidential election has seen a strange flip-flop with respect to conservative and liberal voters. In many ways, even though Trump is the nominee on the right, he is running to the left of Hillary on many issues. Hillary represents the status quo mainstream, usually denoted as the Republican nominee position, while Trump is the obvious “change agent” of the election. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton have been seen by many government officials as being more conservative than liberal, even though they use the Democratic platform to advance their hold on power.

For many voters, Hillary Clinton is actually viewed as a Republican in Democratic clothing. And, it is a known fact that she was a member of the “Goldwater Conservative” movement of 1964. She was also removed from the commission investigating the Watergate break in, as the head of the commission claimed she misrepresented facts in an effort to possibly protect Nixon. Alan Greenspan, former director of the Federal Reserve Bank stated when interviewed about the most conservative president he served under, clearly stated that individual was President Bill Clinton. If Hillary wins the election it could easily be viewed as a re-installation of Bill Clinton as shadow president of the United States once again, bypassing the U.S. Constitution.

Trump, on the other hand, has been a major political contributor over the years, giving money to both Republicans and Democrats on a variety of election levels in an effort to potentially influence decisions concerning his business interests. Much of the “anti-Obama” voting block in the nation that Trump has tapped into are also “anti-Clinton” as well, largely because of the scandals that surround the Clinton Foundation, the fact that she purposely redirected emails to her personal server while Secretary of State, and is obviously the candidate being supported by the banking industry, both national and international.

The report that George H.W. Bush is voting for Hillary was issued originally on a Facebook account belonging to former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, who is a member of the iconic Kennedy family. Other reports have been published, but most are re-issues of the original statement by Townsend. One thing is for sure. The 2016 presidential election is one for the ages and will see many voters crossing party lines when they finally cast heir ballot. But, those who understand politics know that many establishment Republicans will be voting for Hillary because she actually represents the conservative neocon world view, while Trump is more of the true Democrat in the race. George H.W. Bush’s voting decision is just a tip of the iceberg for how the final vote will play out.

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