Stewart Decimates The GOP’s SOTU Reaction: How many f*cking people are at this horrid tea party?

It has seemingly become a part of the Republican’s party’s reaction to State of the Union addresses in the Obama era to include multiple responses. Both parties (Democratic and Republican) have always been allowed a response to the State of the Union address.

However, the Republican Party now insists on at least two responses to this address. The first comes from the Republican Party itself, and the other companies from the so called “Tea Party” wing of the Republican Party. Jon Stewart has taken to his comedy show to call out the Republican Party for their multiple responses to the same speech and mock their efforts. He wants to know exactly how many responses is enough for the Republican Party.

If the party is supposed to be so unified and opposed to President Obama, why must there be more than one response? Stewart mocked the comments made by Joni Ernst who was selected for the official Republican response to the President’s speech. He said that her speech sounded less like a response to the State of the Union and more like an application to Nostalgia University. He continued to make jokes along that line and say that it was “Nostalgia University:

Better when your dad went here”. The Tea Party was not the only person who was given air time to respond to the President’s speech, but so were individuals Ted Cruz and Rand Paul as well. Both are considered potential candidates for the Republican nomination, and both received little notice for their responses.

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