Steve Harvey Walks Offstage As Soon As He Notices What This Woman Is Wearing – Unbelievable!

Steve Harvey has had a compelling list of guests on his stage at the Steve Harvey Show since the program’s NBC release in 2012. His guest list ranges from his very own wife, Marjorie, to celebrity superstars, such as Oprah. Out of all the people who have entered the studio of his show, only one has made Mr. Harvey walk off stage in complete astonishment. Was it because of derogatory language? Or perhaps, Steve could not handle the topic of conversation and needed to take a personal minute? What could make a host leave his place on the stage of his own show during filming?

Certainly, none of the above could phase Steve Harvey enough to leave his stage during the filming of one of his episodes. He is undoubtedly capable of handling the above situations without any flaw. He has dealt with controversial issues many times both on and off camera in the past. Even after making a huge mistake with the Miss Universe pageant, which he has dealt with in a very classy and respectable way, nothing seems to shake the man, except a woman wearing a beautiful tiara and golden sash in the front row of his audience.

No, not Miss Colombia or Miss Philippines. None other than Miss Estelle Nelson, a Virginia native, who was proudly celebrating her 100th birthday by visiting her favorite talk show with her family. She was grinning ear to ear as she promptly admits to the host that she “looks at his show every day.”

When Steve first spotted Miss Nelson in the front row, he turned all attention off filming and diverted his focus on her, in a very flirty and fun way. He was so astounded by her that he repeats “She’s 100?” several times as he approaches the centennial woman to shake her hands in astonishment. To his disbelief, he tells Miss Nelson “Girl, look at you. I know you aren’t 100!” She quickly corrects him, ensuring him that she no doubt 103 years old. The banter continues with him telling her to “be quiet” because she doesn’t look more than 62 years old. Steve then asks her if she cusses. With her family vigorously shaking their head yes, she replies “sometimes.” He then tells her that he is going to cuss “all the time” because it keeps a person young and prevents ulcers and heart attacks because those who curse releases stress. Steve finally addresses the real reason that she got her attention and brings attention to her “sexy outfit” inquiring if her daughter dressed her in a mini skirt to which she had to cover her legs. After several moments of flirting with her over her clothing, Steve then moves the topic to food, offering to send her a case of his roasted bacon product to her house. Before returning to filming his show, Steve sincerely offers her a blanket to keep her warm and if she would like something to drink. After making sure she was comfortable, he exclaims that he can’t imagine all the things that she had seen in her 100 years of life.

At the end of the day, Steve Harvey knows how to treat a woman. Miss Nelson got more than she hoped for when she attended the Steve Harvey Show. She not only got to sit front row of her favorite talk show with her loved ones, but she got to become part of the show as well. His flirtatious conversation is something that she and her family will always remember for the rest of their days.

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