Stephen Colbert Brilliantly Compares Reactions To Trump Scandals vs. Obama Scandals

If you follow the news at all, it is clear that the coverage of politics is widely sensationalized. More specifically, any time the president makes a move, the drama dial is turned up full force. Becuase of this, it can be rather difficult to decipher what news matters, and what should be met with an eye roll. Stephen Colbert, of Monday night’s The Late Show, was able to hilariously portray how differently various “scandals” have been presented as they pertain to the very different administrations of President Trump and President Obama.

Colbert’s video took us back in time when the various faux pas made by President Barack Obama were sensationally blown out of proportion. Whether it was his unpatriotic latter salute, that time he totally disregarded the sneeze guard when he was dining at a Chipolte, or the disrespectful way he always was putting his feet on the desk in the Oval Office.

This is now in comparison to our new President, Donald Trump. In only 123 plus days in office, our sitting president has been accused of turning classified secrets over to the government of Russia, blatantly obstructing justice, and let’s not forget the ongoing investigation into whether or not there was collusion with a foreign government in order to change the outcome of America’s presidential election.

While it may be the case that our president is best buddies with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, he at least doesn’t garnish his hamburgers with Grey Poupon!

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