Step-By-Step Photos Of A Caterpillar’s Beautiful Transformation Into A Butterfly

A 16-year-old Tumblr user who goes by the name “Oddity” made a small discovery one morning that led to a beautiful journey. While Oddity was walking to school, he noticed a small green caterpillar on the sidewalk. The caterpillar had markings on his sides that looked like large eyes, which helped him avoid predators. Because of the eyespots and his bright green color, he looked like something out of a cartoon or a picture book.

Oddity wanted to protect the little caterpillar from being stepped on, so he picked him up and brought him to school. He decided to name the caterpillar Chicken Nugget, the first phrase that popped into his head. As Oddity posted some pictures of Chicken Nugget online, many people became interested in the caterpillar’s story. Luckily, Oddity was able to capture Chicken Nugget’s metamorphosis into a butterfly, and the transformation was incredible.

Shortly after Oddity picked up Chicken Nugget, he noticed the caterpillar’s color changing. He went from a bright and vibrant green to a dull yellow. Oddity was concerned, but this change was completely normal for this species of caterpillar. He discovered that Chicken Nugget is a spicebush swallowtail, and their color fades into a yellow before they become a butterfly.

At the end of the school day, he built a house for Chicken Nugget inside some plastic tubing. He gave the caterpillar plenty of twigs and leaves, and Chicken Nugget quickly made himself at home. Oddity put some background music on for the caterpillar, and Chicken Nugget started forming his chrysalis.

For the next two weeks, the caterpillar lived inside the chrysalis, which was a dull brown color. Finally, a crack appeared in the chrysalis and Chicken Nugget emerged as a butterfly. Oddity renamed the caterpillar Chicken Wing and set him free in the backyard. Thousands of people followed the caterpillar’s story, and they are happy that his transformation was successful. Oddity’s photos are a great reminder that even small pieces of nature can be fascinating, and it’s important to take the time to appreciate the world around you.

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