Some People Have This On Their Arm And Some Don’t. Here’s What It Means Either Way…

If you have paid any attention to animals, plants and other people, then you have probably noticed that species change every so often to adapt to their surroundings. There is a bit of proof of evolution if you look at your own body. About half of people today think that humans have been in the same form that they are now since they inhabited the Earth. That’s just not the case, and one small part of the body can prove this theory.

There are aspects of the body that you get from your mother and father, such as the nose, shape of the mouth and hair color. There are also a few vestigial structures that have been left behind from when the time humans were first on the planet. Some of the aspects of the human body could also be related to animals that roamed the planet thousands of years ago.

The remnants that appear on the body are there because ancestors needed them, not because you necessarily need them today. There are muscles in the ear that don’t allow for a lot of movement, but they are still there. Other animals have the same muscles, but they are used for intense listening skills so that they can detect if there are enemies approaching or if there is a possibility of food. Goosebumps are a part of the evolutionary process.

Humans don’t have a lot of hair on the body but still have the same follicles that raise the hair that is there when there is an emotional response.

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