Social Media Fitness Model’s Post Causes Debate

She has become famous thanks to her revealing social media photos.

Tammy Hembrow is a self-made millionaire who used her good looks, smarts, and fitness lifestyle to build her empire.

However, this mom, has also been known to cause a stir online. Most recently, it’s photos of her in a swimsuit with her body on show.

The young mom showed off her toned body, but some say it was too much skin. Her followers are divided over her post. Some are for it, some say she should tone it down.

The photo (see below) is her sitting on the floor in a bathing suit with her entire midsection shown.

Her post recieved endless comments on her Instagram. Many followers were impressed and complimenting this fitness model on her hard work.

Others are impressed but say as a mom, she should be more careful of what she posts.

Tammy has shrugged off similar comments in the past, saying she is proud of her hard work and she isn’t worried about posting these types of photos.

She likes to post photos of her transformation from when she was heavier until now. She likes to motivate others, showing anything is possible and you should be proud of any body type that you have. But if you want to make a change, you should go for it.

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