SNL Mocks Trump’s Creepy Debate Performance Perfectly – Enrages Donald Trump

On last Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon reprised their roles as the presidential candidates for a cold open sketch about the second presidential debate.

Though the real debate as well as Donald Trump’s off-camera antics are ridiculous enough to feel like sketch comedy themselves, SNL still managed to spoof the debate in a hilarious way. Yet Baldwin’s Trump somehow seemed like a more reasonable, real person than the real Trump himself.

The sketch condensed the entire cringe-worthy debate down into eight hilarious minutes, starting with the two debate moderators taking shots of alcohol. It addressed all the crazy moments from the candidate’s refusal to shake hands, Trump’s posse of women who were ex-lovers of Bill Clinton, and references to his creepy comments toward children. Arguably the best part of the sketch is a spoof on Trump’s ominous creeping behind Clinton as she faces an undecided voter while answering his question.

With Trump’s real life comments about hitting on a 10 year old, finding his own daughter attractive, and thinking a preteen Paris Hilton was hot, it is almost hard to distinguish which lines of the sketch are real and which are written by SNL’s comedy geniuses.

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