Small White Horse Sits On Pile Of Hay – When She Gets Up You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

The Swahili word for “rare” is “nadira,” and that description certainly fits Lady Nadira, the foal that was born on February 9, 2016. This adorable horse is the product of two beautiful parents.

Her sire is America’s sole remaining few-spot gypsy stallion; his unique coloring is responsible for the distinctive spots that Lady Nadira bears. Meanwhile, the filly’s mother is a bay leopard haflinger.

As soon as this lovely creature was born, she began to garner attention from people all around the country and throughout the world. Those interested in following her progress can watch her grow up via her Facebook page.

Lady Nadira has rich cream-colored fur that is speckled with small spots to create an effect remarkably similar to cookies and cream ice cream. The foal is not only beautiful, she is sweet-natured as well. She has quickly endeared herself to the dogs that live alongside her at her farm.

Though she is much larger than them and will grow to be quite a bit bigger still, her interactions with these dogs are gentle and indicative of her tender temperament. Whatever the future holds for the beautiful Lady Nadira, it is plain that she is going to win love easily wherever she goes.

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