Six Teens At Gunpoint By Trump Supporter, For Very Dumb Reason Ever

Six Teens At Gunpoint By Trump Supporter, For Very Dumb Reason Ever

While Clinton/Kaine signs can be seen in yards around the country, Donald Trump supporters take showing their support to the next level. In suburban Detroit, a homeowner recently displayed a frightening effigy of Hillary Clinton perched and screaming in a mock electric chair, and a Florida resident adorned his front lawn with a pro-Trump sign featuring an image of black people lynched and hanging from a tree.

Yet another Trump supporter is joining their ranks with his passionate lawn display, and facing felony weapons charges after forcing six children to the ground for purportedly striking down his Trump sign. Michael Kubek of Allen Park, Michigan, stated that he was mad at the kids, aged 12 to 14, for allegedly vandalizing his political sign but admitted he hadn’t seen them do it. When pressed about how the sign was vandalized, the 56-year old Republican admitted it had only been knocked over.

The children told police they were on their way to a nearby park when an irate Kubek pointed a pistol at them while demanding they sit in a neighboring yard.

Kubek’s own mother called police to the scene, finding the youngsters lying on the lawn while the gun-toting Trump supporter yelled and cursed at them. According to neighbors, Kubek’s screams were laced with profanity, which only increased when the children maintained they did not damage, knock over or vandalize the sign.

Although Kubek tried to justify his violent reaction by saying he felt “outnumbered” and therefore “threatened” by the children, police arrested him and confiscated his firearm. Kubek has since been released on bail, and the children remain “traumatized” by the harrowing experience.

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