She’s Wraps Zip Ties Around Her Stroller’s Tires, After You See Why, You Will Too

The old adage is definitely true; necessity is the mother of invention. This is why women throughout the years have invented many helpful products. There’s no one in the world more determined than a mother, after all. When it comes to baby products especially, women have truly cornered the market on making baby strollers as efficient and easy to use as possible.

By labeling the buttons of the stroller, some mothers like to make life easier for others who will be taking care of their children. Other inventive moms have been known to grab an old shoe organizer and add Velcro, allowing it to stay upright in the stroller’s basket so that there’s no crying over actual spilled milk!

The handles of strollers are particularly known to show wear and tear, so many moms like to use colorful tennis tape to cover up frayed sections of the handle. For mothers who like to carry their bags on the stroller, one useful hack is to use a clip as a bag holder. When bags become too heavy, there are always ankle weights to put on the front of the stroller in order to counterbalance the weight.

For moms who are on the go with a lot of cargo in their cars, sometimes strollers can become a bulky burden. This is when it’s good to employ the use of an old belt, which can help to secure the stroller to the backseat while freeing up more space for items like groceries. When strollers become icky after too many spills, it’s easy to clean them with regular dish soap. Some mothers even like to include their kids in this activity, allowing them to wash the stroller themselves. It can definitely give children an added boost of confidence.

However, the best tip of all includes the use of an item that many people keep around their houses—zip ties. When rolling a stroller over terrain such as snow and ice, sometimes it can be difficult for the wheels to grab the ground and get some traction. The zip ties allow the stroller to roll forward easily, with an enhanced new grip. With mom hacks like these, it’s no wonder that many mothers are accomplishing more in less time.

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