She’s Never Seen Another Elephant Before. Now Watch When She Turns Around…

She’s Never Seen Another Elephant Before. Now Watch When She Turns Around…

Elephants are one of the most intelligent species of animals that exists, but sadly, some people take advantage of this intelligence. Unfortunately, many elephants end up being raised by abusive people who force them to perform tricks for crowds of people. It is becoming less acceptable to force elephants to perform, but modern elephant sanctuaries still exist because of the many unscrupulous people who abuse these adorable and intelligent creatures.

Not only are elephants at risk from abusive owners, but wild elephants are also hunted down by poaches. Since the tusks of an elephant can be sold for a large amount of money, many wild herds of elephants are killed for material gain. There may be many cruel people who are willing to hurt elephants, but one sanctuary works to create a safe and happy home for elephants.

This sanctuary in Chang Mai, Thailand is known for rescuing elephants who were mistreated by their former owners. These rescued elephants receive medical help for any injuries or malnutrition they may have experienced, and then they get to enjoy living on the massive amount of land. Instead of being stuck in a tiny cage, the elephants at Chang Mai get to live in an area that closely resembles their natural habitat. They are protected from any poachers who could harm them, so the elephants get a chance to live in safety as they heal.

It can be difficult for the elephants to learn to trust humans after they have been abused. However, after spending time being protected and cared for by humans, the elephants eventually learn to relax, and their human caretakers walk among the elephant herd feeding them and playing with them. Part of the success of the elephant sanctuary comes from the friendly elephants who will play with visitors, because these visitors often donate money that helps the sanctuary to feed and care for the massive animals.

Many of these elephants suffered from awful abuse, but they are now gentle and happy enough to let strangers bathe and feed them. In addition to learning to trust humans, the elephants learn to enjoy the company of other elephants. Since many of these abuse victims were raised in isolation, they enjoy getting to meet other members of their species and forming an elephant herd.

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