She’s Just Lying On The Floor. When He Picks Her Up? I Had To Cover My Husband’s Eyes

A lot of people enjoy watching performers dance on stage. It is not only entertaining, but some people are so talented and capable of such amazing maneuvers that it is truly astounding.

It can truly be amazing to see the human body is capable of such movies, and that people can perform such impressive maneuvers in such a coordinated fashion. It is even more impressive when these maneuvers are done when two people are dancing together, because they are not only coordinating their movements with the music but with one another as well.

Nicolas Besnard and Ludivine Furnon are two former members of the Cirque du Soleil. On a Swiss live television show called “Benissimo,” these two perform a dance that wows everyone. The dance is called Duo MainTenanT, and it is both beautiful and sensual at the same time. It is extremely passionate, and it is like a love scene done in the form of dance.

This is just one example that shows that dance is more than just a series of movements. It is art on a variety of levels. It not only shows the talent and coordination of the dancers, but it can actually express emotions and aspects of the human condition as well. It is even better when the dancers are as talented as these two were, because it will be expressed in all of its glory and beauty. This performance was amazing, and it is definitely worth seeing for anyone who likes to watch dance.

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