She’s Jealous Of The Newborn – So When Dad Leans Down For A Kiss She Gets Defensive…

Pets strive very hard to please their owners. It gives them a sense of purpose when they bring love and joy into the lives of their family. As families grow and change, it can be confusing for pets at times.

This was the case for Yoga, who was the sole dog in a family comprised of a couple without children. Yoga’s mom started having some physical changes, the most obvious one was the increase in her stomach size. Then one day, she started crying in pain, and Yoga’s dad took her away to the doctor. Yoga was very glad when they finally returned, but something had changed with her family. It had gotten bigger!

Yoga realizes that there is a new member in the family. It is a small, yet noisy and smelly, addition to the home. Yoga’s mom and dad still give her lots of love, but they seem very busy with this new “thing”, which is a newborn baby. Yoga, determined to understand what was going on in her family, started watching the baby and how her parents interacted with it.

One day, dad kept kissing the new baby, which is something Yoga knew she could do as well. At that moment, the video camera was rolling. Mom caught dad repeatedly kissing the new baby. Yoga decided to get in on the action. Each time dad would lean down to kiss the newborn, Yoga leans down to kiss dad. She found a way to show her love and appreciation, even in this confusing time.

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