She’s 12. He’s 37. What She Does At Their Wedding Stunned Everyone…

In countries all over the world, thousands of underage children are forced into marriage every day. It is ogften a hard situation that generally favors men and bodes ill for women,. But, this next story might surprise you … A wedding in Norway involving a 37-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl named Thea has gone viral. While the relationship between the young girl and the older man is hard enough to imagine, it’s what took place at the ceremony that has everyone talking.

A beautiful church in Norway was where the wedding was held. However, upon hearing about the underage marriage arrangement, thousands of Norwegian citizens decided to protest the proposed marriage. Thea walked down the aisle looking beautiful, and awaiting her was her 37-year-old groom to be. The minister of the church began reading the couple’s vows, but everyone in the crowd screamed out against it.

When it finally came time for Thea to say I do, she walked off of the alter. Everyone that was boycotting the wedding cheered the young girl on for cancelling her arraigned marriage.

Unfortunatly for everyone, the wedding was actually a total sham. A social experiment plotted up by some mad Norwegian scientists:

A Norwegian company known as Plan Norway is dedicated to bringing awareness to the hardships of young children who are forced into marriage. The staged marriage involving Thea was one of only a few events that were held to help fight back against underage marriage. Thanks to the story’s reception, millions of people are now aware of the strange marriage arrangements that take place in countries across the world.

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