She Won’t Stop Crying, Then Daddy Takes Her Socks Off. What He Spots. That’s Not Good

She Won’t Stop Crying, Then Daddy Takes Her Socks Off. What He Spots. That’s Not Good

Scott Walker, a new father from Kansas, had quite the scare when his newborn daughter Molly suddenly began overheating. The tiny baby, who was born two weeks early, started crying and developed a sudden fever. In an effort to cool the baby down, her parents took her sock off, and that is when they noticed something strange.

On the baby’s second toe, there was a small strand of hair that was wrapped around it so tightly, it was cutting off her circulation. Apparently, this isn’t a new phenomenon, but although Molly is their second child, the Walkers had never heard of it.

When something like this happens to a young baby, medical experts call it a hair tourniquet. Since Walker was so surprised and frightened by what had happened, he decided to share his story on Facebeook so other parents would be aware of this new hidden danger.

Walker wrote in a post that he was with his family during lunch time and his newborn daughter was quite cranky. Walker said that it wasn’t out of the ordinary for Molly to get worked up about things, but this time she was starting to overheat. The Walkers thought that the overheating was due to Molly’s crying, but when her mother took off her sock, she discovered that wasn’t the case.

Walker said that his wife found a hair wrapped around their daughter’s toe. The strand of hair had been stuck in Molly’s sock and had somehow wrapped so tightly around her toe that it cut off her circulation.

Thankfully, Walker wrote that his wife was able to quickly remove the hair with a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass. The hair had been wrapped so tightly around Molly’s toe that it cut through her skin. Walker even posted a picture of his daughter’s toe 45 minutes after the hair was removed, and you can still clearly see where the hair was.

Walker said that his daughter is doing fine now, but the situation could have been much worse if he and his wife had not noticed it soon enough.

He also stated that Molly’s doctor told the parents that they should always check their baby’s toes in the future if she becomes inconsolable.

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